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Archives for April 2020

How To Make Your Connections Work For You?

Building your professional connections is an art, and the result of this is growing business, new leads, new clients and new opportunities. For every employee, business development skills are a must and an advantage at the same time. This is a long road to success and as a firm, we have put down the first steps based on our own experience of networking and bringing new clients to our firm. 

How To Make Your Connections Work For You? 1



1. Own yourself and your goals. Focus on your goals.


Don’t be distracted from your goals. When it comes to building an effective network you must be clear on what your goals and aspirations are, how others can help you achieve them, and how you can help them in advance. Know yourself and your business, but start from helping your targets first.

How To Make Your Connections Work For You? 2
How To Make Your Connections Work For You? 3



2. Follow your energy.

It’s important to understand where you get your energy from, where you can be your best and perform at your maximum while growing your business contacts and building new connections. Focus on few activities, but be disciplined.




3. Exchange value, always.


Give value. How often you came across a situation, when after a meeting or a call you felt it was a complete waste of time? Provide value – and your business will grow exponentially.

How To Make Your Connections Work For You? 4
How To Make Your Connections Work For You? 5



4. Become an action taker.

Even a small deed – is better than thousands talks, endless discussions without any action support. By dedicating 15 minutes per day to a small task, you will be surprised how much you can achieve after a few months.

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Benefits of Flexible Workplace Conditions for Employees

Benefits of Flexible Workplace Conditions for Employees

What is Business? Revenue? Clients? People? What comes first are the people we work with and every Employer depend on the Employee at the first place and in a long run. Employers that fail to understand the needs of their workforce, especially when it comes to offering flexible working options, risk losing out on valuable talent.

Benefits of  Flexible Workplace Conditions for Employees 6
Benefits of  Flexible Workplace Conditions for Employees 7

Our staff are not driven by salary alone.

According to the survey by the Middle East chapter of Global Women in PR, performed in MENA region, 84% of male and female respondents said that they would consider changing jobs if a potential employer offered better flexible working options. 

Flexibility also increases return on investment according to 75%, whilst two-thirds believe that good talent is lost due to lack of flexible working.



Shocking results, right? Most of HR professionals also claim that Employees are not driven by salary itself. The practice to increase salary alone is not leading to anything else than continuous spends and lack of motivation among staff.


There is clearly a strong business sense for companies that implement any degree of flexible working. Flexible working will likely only grow in importance in future, especially considering trends observed in young millennials and Generation Z, who are just starting to enter the workforce. Something to consider for many companies who look to stay on the market for next decades.


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Digital Transformation

For me digital transformation is much more than a digital transformation. It does not cover software only, but reach beyond it, empower people. Digital transformation encompasses business transformation at the first place.

Digital technology would rather be an enabler for people to advance and achieve more. Today, most of the staff are scared away by the technology changes, and it is absolutely wrong point of view. At least I learned it in very early phases of my own journey in digital.

Digital Transformation 17

Why do we need digital transformation?

We do business for clients and our services or products are for clients, consequently, a client-centric strategy for business helps to win more business, more profits. Here comes Digital Transformation which mainly help companies to become more client centric. It helps to transform towards ‘customer economy’ and be genuinely customer driven and gain business benefits of it in profitable manner utilizing digital technologies.

Somehow digital technology innovations blended with highlighting importance of change management and internal communications create the planned transformation, or at least part of it. Most businesses are still at the start of a digital transformation journey, all excitement is still ahead.


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Tax Residency’ in UAE

Tax residency, also referred as ‘fiscal residency’ or ‘residence for tax purposes’, is the residence in the country, in which you are legally obligated to pay personal income tax. A tax residency certificate (TRC), which you’ll sometimes see as a

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Assistance in VAT Return in UAE

Assistance in VAT Return in UAE  All VAT- registered businesses must charge 5% VAT in UAE on taxable goods and services. Once a company is registered, all its records must be maintained in accordance with the guidance issued by UAE government

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Economic Substance Regulation Announcement   We would like to introduce and update you with this newly implemented UAE Cabinet Decision No. (31) of 2019 concerning Economic Substance Regulations (ESR). In accordance with this new law, there is a need for

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Economy Changes – Due to Corona Virus

Economy Changes

The world economy is re-shaping and re-aligning rapidly. The latest reports say coronavirus now is the main influencer for the world’s economy, adding to the overall change and increasing its speed.

Economy Changes - Due to Corona Virus 18

Middle East, being the part of this paradigm, is driving diversification and massive economic reforms to develop its non-oil economy. To continue growth, multi-million dollar projects, business attractiveness and stay preferred destination for international migrant talent, UAE government have initiated  massive and liberal economic reforms worldwide.

Economy Changes - Due to Corona Virus 19

UAE is the first among countries that lead the Arab World in terms of economic freedom. The UAE first has launched a host of initiatives over the last year such as 100 per cent business ownership in certain sectors, long-term visas, low fees to do business, and the freezing of school fee hike, that have reflected positively on the business growth and enhance their appeal to foreign investors and visitors.

Economy Changes - Due to Corona Virus 20

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