Assistance in VAT Return in UAE 1

Assistance in VAT Return in UAE

 All VAT- registered businesses must charge 5% VAT in UAE on taxable goods and services. Once a company is registered, all its records must be maintained in accordance with the guidance issued by UAE government and tax authorities. Companies can claim the input tax credit for VAT paid on business-related goods and services. Every VAT-registered business in UAE must pay VAT to the government and file the VAT Return on a quarterly or monthly basis.  

 VAT Return can be filed online at the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) portal. The VAT Return form named ‘VAT 201’ needs to be filled and submitted in order to complete the filing. Before filing the VAT Return form on the portal, all tax returns requirements must be completed. After submitting the return, the tax payer has to pay the due tax.

 VAT Returns must be filed according to the specified dates and duration mentioned on the VAT Application or VAT Certificate, within 28 days from the end of the tax period.

Since the introduction of VAT in UAE, Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) have been helping clients in many tax and VAT related matters, starting from VAT registration, to filing and submitting all required documentation. Our professional team assists companies and prevents  mistakes, helps to meet the compliance obligations in respect of VAT Return filing, payments of tax and obtaining VAT refunds on a timely manner.


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