Submission of your VAT Return is vital and very challenging task of every business. It requires an efficient and competent professional with relevant expertise in order to properly accomplish the work. Appointing the right people to perform the task is very important that a company should prioritize as it will be a long term and viable solution for this vital part of your business.

Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) is a reputed tax agency firm that provides a high-quality services in Accounting and VAT Filing or any Tax requirements.

Experience has proven that the success in meeting clients need comes not only from understanding the financial side of their business but equally as important… understanding the people side

Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) is an independent member of PrimeGlobal – USA (formerly IGAF Polaris). PrimeGlobal – USA is the 3rd largest association of accounting firms in the world, providing member firms and their clients a powerful pipeline to share ideas and business opportunities.

Take advantage of below benefits when availing services from Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants):

  1. Provides an immediate and basic answers on queries whenever a new legislation in Value Added Tax (V.A.T) is released, penalties, or any other updated related to tax as well as the International Accounting Standards.
  2. Maintain client confidence by protecting client operations and keeping all financial information confidential.
  3. Provide a professional and technical knowledge to clients throughout attending a relevant educational workshops
  4. Being up-to-date on all professional publications
  5. Keeping a strong foundation of personal and business network, participating professional societies and achieving the result by performing all required task.

We will be delighted to support you in order to be compliant with The Federal Tax Authority.

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Asad Abbas, CPA, CMA, CFM, Tax Agent

Founding  Managing Partner