Important aspects of VAT compliance

Vat Compliance Services in UAE

VAT Compliance Services

With constant changes in all business activities and update on legal information, complying with the UAE VAT laws and regulations is a challenge. Accurate information reporting and transparency while staying current on VAT compliance should be met under a time constraint.

A registered taxpayer is responsible to update or amend the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on any circumstance that has an impact on records kept by the FTA, as provided during the time of initial registration, within the timeframe set by the FTA.

These circumstances that do not require approval from FTA include:

  • Business activities
  • GCC activities
  • Customs registration information

However, some amendments require approval from FTA and certain fields are restricted from the direct amendment.

If you wish to update your VAT registration concerning the fields that require approval from FTA and certain restricted fields, please raise your request with us. Our team of VAT Compliance professionals can help you prepare, implement and manage your VAT registration amendment. Get in touch and learn more by visiting our website or contact Augusto Dela Cruz ( at +971 55 389 1625 or Patrick Pacatang ( at +971 52 264 5201.